Edited books

Book chapters

Book reviews

  • Wubbena, Z. C. (forthcoming). Review of Derek R. Ford’s, “Communist Study: Education for the Commons”.

Journal articles

  • Wubbena, Z. C. (2017). A pedagogy for space:Visually framing  the 2011 Chilean student movement. Policy Futures in Education [Special issue on Lefebvre’s teachings]
  • Greenwalt, K., Kemling, J., & Wubbena, Z. (2016). Grit, hope and the new character education. The Journal of School & Society, 4(1), 1–4.

Reports (program assessment & evaluation)

  • Nelson, S.W., Paris, B.J., Colegio, L., Evermann, D., Long, T., …Wubbena, Z. (2014). CTEP Summer Institute Conference Report. San Marcos, TX: Texas State University. [All authors contributed equally].

Master’s thesis