Zane-Wubbena_HeadshotHi, my name is Zane Wubbena. I recently completed my PhD in School Improvement at Texas State University, where I received the 2017 Outstanding Doctoral Student Award. Before entering the doctoral program, I taught public school at the elementary and middle school levels.

My research focuses on educational policy issues and forms of pedagogy that impact the classroom, school environment, and community, such as service learning, public pedagogy, and critical pedagogy. I am particularly interested in the relationship between education and society, including societal institutions of information like the news media. This relationship assumes that education can change (if not transform) society. However, this assumption leaves open the questions of exactly how and in what direction this societal change may occur. I draw on both quantitative methods and qualitative methods to examine these areas of study from different critical perspectives and by drawing on framing theory, which integrates insights from political communication, sociology, psychology, and behavioral-economics.

My research agenda carries over to my service to the scholarly community. Currently, I serve as an officer in the capacity of website director for the John Dewey Society.  Also, I serve as an education editor for the journal Cogent Education and associate editor for the journals Dewey Studies and The Journal of School & Society.

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